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    About Philip Bladh


    Ever since I was a child making art have been my passion. I have always been interested in drawing people, animals and objects, this sparked my passion for making tattoos with realistic and surrealistic themes. My artworks are created with an unique tattooing style using the ”Gray Opaque” method. This method uses many different shades of grey to make the artwork on your body come to life. It also gives the tattoo a nice texture, sharp contrasts and add depth to the artwork.

    I started Studio 200 in January 2019, ever since then my goal as an tattoo artist have been to...Read more

    I started Studio 200 in January 2019, ever since then my goal as an tattoo artist have been to constantly improve my craft. I am very passionate about my career as an tattoo artist, which is why I only accept work on designs where I can challange my abilities and express myself. Hence I do not tattoo things like texts, simple designs or recolor other artists work.

    When designing a tattoo, my goal is to create an artwork that you are proud to have on your body and I am proud to have designed. I create all tattoo designs myself based on what you the customer wants, this guarantees that no one else has the same tattoo as you. I personaly love to create tattoos where I have a lot of artistic freedom, preferebly when the client gives me a theme or a couple of pictures to design from, this leads to more unique and interesting artworks for you.

    I am my own worst critic, which means I always strive for perfection. Im looking forward to hear more about your ideas.

    - Owner of Studio 200 Tattoo: Philip Bladh


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